Monday, 28 February 2011


A film by JENGbA is being shown at the Notting Hill Coronet on Saturday 9th April at 1pm, followed by questions and answers.  The cinema is at 103, Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3LB, Tel 020 7727 6705.  Travel by Tube on Central Line or District Line to Notting Hill Gate station.  Travel by Bus on routes 28, 52, 328, 94, 27.  

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Coronet Cinema



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Freedom Blues - Poem by Jamal Sky Parchment Folarin

     freedom blues
     my people i want to be with you
     freedom blues
     babylon what more do you want me to do
     freedom blues
     i am pouring my heart out to you
     as night turns to day
     babylon took me away
     they put me in a cell its worser than hell
     so every night i pray
     god free me out of this captivity believe me
     i am an innocent man, my people believe me
     that is why i sing
     freedom blues
     my people i will soon be with you
     goverment what more do you want me to do
     freedom blues
     my family and friends i deserve to be with you

The Art of Samantha Joseph

Samantha was convicted of a Joint Enterprise murder in 2009 when she was 16, and is serving life with minimum 10 years before possible parole.  While on remand, she won a national schools art competition with this piece, called "We all walk in the same shoes".  She continues to paint inside and hopes to exhibit some of her work in the coming year...

We all walk in the same shoes

The Amazing Art of Jamal Parchment Folarin - 2

This series of 3 pictures by Jamal expresses emotions that are almost too painful to bear...

The Amazing Art of Jamal Parchment Folarin

Jamal was convicted of murder under the Joint Enterprise law in 2005 and sentenced to life with a minimum 30 years in prison before possible parole.  While his family and friends campaign on his behalf, Jamal has created amazing art, some of which is shown here.  He explores different styles and themes, and his work expresses ideas and feelings that can be uplifting and deeply thought-provoking...

Woman on a beach

The Struggle

Portrait of a Woman

Only God can judge


Dot to dot


Chinese scene




Friday, 25 February 2011


Hi  This is the brand new blog for JENGbA :)
It's not instead of the website at  - it's for news, contributions, features...anything related to Joint Enterprise about the law, JENGbA's work, and about the people who are affected by JE.

Each balloon in this picture has a tag with the name of a person convicted under Joint Enterprise.  JENGbA was formed to campaign for a change in the law and so that everyone unjustly imprisoned by JE is fairly treated.
JENGbA Launched in Liverpool, 2010