Friday, 25 November 2016


After a serious racial assault by a prison officer on Kevan Thakrar 2 weeks ago which we shall go into further detail in our letter of complaint to Wakefield Governor,  JENGbA have just received a call from Kevan Thakrar to be told he has been subjected to another racist attack today.  Fellow prisoner in the Closed Supervision Centre (Solidarity Confinement) at Wakefield, Charles Bronson has assaulted Kevan today by collecting and storing faeces in a plastic bottle.  He deliberately threw it over him as he walked by his cell from behind his cage.  Kevan knows he has been encouraged to do this by the prison officers who have continually subjected him to racist abuse by offering incentives to the other inmates in the CSC.  When Janet Cunliffe and myself, visited him a couple of months ago the other inmates screamed racist abuse at us when we left, of course we complained but we were ignored. If they can do that with impunity to visitors and not punish anyone what might happen to Kevan behind closed doors is truly terrifying. 

This assault happened in front of officers, Kevan was being escorted by 7 officers as is the norm whenever he is allowed to leave his cell, yet no action has been taken against Bronson and he is remaining on enhanced regime thereby sanctioning his behaviour. Not only did he throw a bottle of shit at Kevan, he shouted racist abuse and was not once ordered to stop.  Bronson is one of the ‘Death before Dishonour’ racist gang that is being recruited in prisons and operating inside HMP Wakefield.  Please write in support of Kevan Thakrar A4907AE HMP Wakefield 5 Love Lane Wakefield W. Yorks WF2 9AG

Gloria Morrison Campaign Co-ordinator JENGbA

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

***** PRESS RELEASE - 31.10.16 *****

JENGbA has been fighting for justice for the past 6 years.  During that time we have experienced many setbacks as well as successes.

Today's Court of Appeal judgement is a huge disappointment, not just for all the families involved but all those wrongfully convicted ever since the law took a "wrong turn" over 30 years ago.

It is our understanding that the applicants are taking legal advice on whether this judgement can be appealed.

JENGbA intends to support them in every way we can.

Gloria Morrison
Campaign Co-ordinator
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