Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Synergy Theatre Project: Using Drama & Creativity With Prisoners, Ex-Prisoners, And Young People

JENGbA hears a lot of bad news about the crushing effects of unfair or excessive convictions & punishments on prisoners and on their loved ones...so a story of hope and opportunity is very welcome when our campaign to reform Joint Enterprise can sometimes feel lengthy and challenging.   

One such story is the work of the Synergy Theatre Project - an inspiring and very worthwhile service to help people explore and express their artistic and emotional depths. 

Their website says:

Established in 1999 Synergy Theatre Project works towards rehabilitation with prisoners, ex-prisoners and young people at risk through theatre and related activities whilst placing the wider issues surrounding criminal justice in the public arena.
Our work is founded on the belief that theatre can be transformative and challenges perceptions of both prisoners and society, building a more positive future. Synergy is committed to artistic excellence, believing it to be an integral part of achieving this purpose.
Synergy's work is divided into four strands of activity: theatre productions, new writing, education work with young people, and radio and film. To date our work includes thirteen productions with prisoners and ex-prisoners, six crime prevention projects, a radio project, two national prison script writing competitions, a play commission and a film.

You can find out more from their website or by contacting Synergy at:

Synergy Theatre Project
8 St Thomas Street

020 3668 6730