Friday, 3 August 2012

Happy Birthday to Ray Gilbert

Ray Gilbert. Ray was
convicted to 20 years for joint enterprise 
murder and robbery. He has maintained his innocence 
throughout and is currently 15 years over his tarrif.
Everyone at JENGbA would like to wish Ray Gilbert a very Happy Birthday. Sadly Ray went to prison at the age of 22 and today he turns 54 years old. Ray is hugely over tariff and should have been released many years ago. Maybe he would have been if he had been a guilty man, but Ray has been maintaining his innocence all along and it seems this has gone against him.

I write to Ray and I have met Ray; and he certainly doesn't look like a 54 year old man, so at least that's a bonus. And more importantly he certainly does not come across as someone who would be a danger to the public. So with this in mind I wonder why they will not relaese this man who has given up the best years of his life. The young years, when he should have been settling down and having a family. If life had been fair to Ray Gilbert and Justice had really been done, Ray may have been a grandfather by now. Spending his birthday drinking a beer on a fine summer evening with the family he never had the opportunity to have. 

Instead he is on bang up in a tiny room waiting to watch the soaps on a portable TV. And as it's warm he will have to sweat it out, because unfortunately prison cells don't have a window that opens. And for those of you who may think that after all these years, Ray Gilbert may have built up a bond with the Prison Officers, think again. There will be no sneaking the old timer on C wing a bottle of icy beer to celebrate his birthday. I doubt he will even be thrown a birthday greeting. 
Ray should have progressed to a Catergory D prison by now, and there has been a long fight and campaign for this to happen and with some degree of success. The prison where he is located have had the paperwork to Cat D him since May, and therefore, you would think the powers do the right thing since May. And still this innocent man is forced to endure further torment, knowing the end is close, and also knowing he is not being allowed to have what so clearly is his right. Ray may never have the Justice he deserves in respect of clearing his name, and that will be a very sad thing indeed, but he must be released. So on this August evening our Birthday wish for Ray is that he is released sooner rather than later. so until that day, the bottle of icy beer will remain unopened, the BBQ unlit and the party left on hold.

Happy Birthday Ray Gilbert from your JENGbA Family.