Friday, 12 October 2012

Wrongly accused: who is responsible for investigating miscarriages of justice?

This collection of essays was commissioned last year shortly after the 20th anniversary of the release of the Birmingham Six. On 14 March 1991, Paddy Hill, Hugh Callaghan, Richard McIlkenny, Gerry Hunter, Billy Power and Johnny Walker with Chris Mullin MP stood outside the Old Bailey free after 16 years, having had their convictions overturned for the murder of 21 people in two pubs in Birmingham. That most notorious miscarriage of justice came hard on the heels of other judicial scandals and set in motion a series of events. Such was the level of public and political concern that a Royal Commission was established and, ultimately, the collapse of public confidence led to the creation of the Criminal Cases Review Commission 13 years ago as the independent body to investigate miscarriages. This idea behind this publication was to explore the various issues to do with the investigation of miscarriages of justice. We invited contributions from leading thinkers in the criminal appeals field, not just lawyers but campaigners, journalists and academics. 

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