Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Innocent man convicted under Joint Enterprise in court to fight the abuse of his human rights

The British Justice system is once again under scrutiny. The appeal court has decided that Theresa May is not able to extradite Abu Qatada because his human rights will be abused and torture could possibly be used if he is sent to Jordan. However that same principal of torture and abuse does not seem to apply if it is happening in this country.
Kevan Thakrar
Kevan Thakrar is back in court this Thursday and Friday (14 and 15 November 2012) to serve a Judicial Review against the appeal court that his legal and human rights are being ignored.
Kevan is 27 years old and was convicted under joint enterprise for a triple murder he is not responsible for. He has been held in closed supervision (solitary confinement) at HMP Woodhill for two and a half years where he has been made to endure what he deems torturous conditions. 

While at Frankland prison he was seriously assaulted by the staff who then accused him of attempted murder; a court case was held in which Kev was acquitted but no other staff were prosecuted. Since then, perhaps as an act of vindictiveness on behalf of the staff, he continues to be subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment by staff, including severe racial, physical and sexual abuse.

Kevan was and is being denied access to his legal papers to fight his appeal, he is being denied access to his legal advisors as well as his family, friends and supporters. He is not allowed to have his mother’s number on his pin, visitors have to wait months before the prison will process their request to visit him. Visits are held under closed supervision.
His legal post concerning the attempted manslaughter charge brought against him by the Frankland prison officers was continuously illegally opened. Kevan’s case has further implications for all prisoners who rights are being abused.

Kevan’s says that being in CSU is like something out of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ or bedlam of the Victorian era, although a tie was thrown into his cell recently to help him end his torment. Two sources who have had experience of life inside prison have assured JENGbA this is exactly what these prison officials want; for Kevan to go mad.

Otherwise why would they treat a fit, healthy intelligent and innocent man in such a barbaric way simply because he won a court case against corrupt officers who beat him so severely he was unrecognisable?

Please show your support for Kevan Thakrar:
Write to the prison and demand that this torture stops. Come to the Manchester Court this week and find out exactly how his human rights are being abused. Join other JENGbA campaigners outside the court to support Kevan and his family and demand that the police stop using joint enterprise to convict innocent men, women and children.

Gloria Morrison JENGbA Campaign Co-ordinator. Kevan's case will be heard at the High Court of Justice, Manchester Civil Justice Centre, Bridge St. W. Mancs M60 9DJ, on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 November.