Tuesday, 16 July 2013

JENGbA Campaigner Ray Gilbert is told NO!

JENGbA received a call today from Guys Marsh where Ray is currently incarcerated. Ray, under duress 32 years ago confessed to a murder in Liverpool because he was told if he didn’t he would be killed.  Then, when as a 19 year old lad he realised he had made the wrong decision he has been protesting his innocence.  Because he is innocent – everyone who knows anything about miscarriages of justice knows Ray did not kill anyone.  Even the justice system after the campaigning work of Bruce Kent and PPMI (Promoting Prisoner Maintaining Innocence)  have supported his innocence as have most of the people in  Liverpool who know he did not commit the murder.  Ray Gilbert is now 17 years over tariff because he has maintained his innocence. 

So there was sorrow in his voice when he was told today – under a paper review that he was not going to get his Cat D.   The probation services have recommended his release on the outside; the probation service, inside the prison have recommended his progression towards release. Yet someone who has never met Ray, who does not have all his paperwork of the case has said no.  He is not after 32 years in prison allowed to progress.  The prison Governor told Ray it didn’t make sense. 

So JENGbA want to know what is going on here?  Who is Ray Gilbert a danger to?  He has had three town visits – every time after he called supporters and sounded so excited about his progression and positive about his future release.  He has served what would be a double life sentence, when others are released.  Is it because Ray has highlighted the system and the corruption in our Justice system – especially how the Police are prepared to frame vulnerable innocent men of colour.