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The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield: A Prison Diary

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The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield: A Prison Diary
(Myrdle Court Press: London, 2013)


The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield: A Prison Diary

In 50 days time 'The Crown' is expecting to receive yet another pound of flesh from Trenton Oldfield and Deepa Naik. On the 19th October 2013 (1 year since Trenton was taken to jail) 'The Crown' is  expecting £750 to cover their own costs. It is highly unusual to be forced to pay the 'Crown's costs' when they elected to undertake the prosecution.

As explained in this Guardian profile Trenton & Deepa didn't feel comfortable accepting donations so they published Trenton's prison diary with a photographic essay, court documents, interview transcripts and short essays from Nina Power, Brenna Bhandar, Steve Ruston et al.

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The diary was generously designed by the talented Karolin Schnoor and copy-edited by Barbara Murray. Tom Flynn kindly took photographs of the prison items.

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Since its release a few days before the 2013 Oxbridge Boat Race 'The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield' has received numerous 5 star reviews.
"A fascinating personal account of a UK prison, and an essential piece of writing for anyone interested in social equality, justice and the interplay between systems of power." 
Tom Jefferies, The Journal of Wild Culture

"This work is an important contribution, not only about the prison system and Trenton Oldfield's case, but also about the wider issues about protest and the state. I couldn't put it down. A brilliant and compelling read!" 
Stefan Dickers, Bishopsgate Institute

"This book is more than just a prison diary. Although it follows Trenton Oldfield's sentence for disrupting the Oxford-Cambridge boat race, a protest against the issue of elitism in British society, this book reflects on wider issues of incarceration and the growing difficulties for those involved in legitimate public protest."
Ed Wall, Kingston University
In order to deliver our latest pound of flesh to 'The Crown' we need to sell 200 more copies of 'The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield'  in the next 50 days.

If you have been thinking of purchasing a copy - now is the time. If you have a copy already (thank you!) and think friends and family might enjoy it, please buy their 'Christmas' or birthdays presents early ... any time in the next 50 days.

Get your copies here.
"The most important section of the book is definitely the 'Visual Essay', the photographs of all bits and pieces, the detritus and endless prison forms and notifications that every prisoner and ex-prisoner will recognise. These alone make the book a valuable resource that I would certainly offer to anyone facing a prison sentence for the first time." 
Bra Black, Campaign Against Prison Slavery

"This is a wonderful read. Mr Oldfield writes from the heart and the book is full of humour and compassion which despite the adversity, is never jaded. Not only did the book make me laugh but it also challenged my perspective on being English."
Tayieba Shah

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Click here for the latest on Trenton and Deepa's current legal situation (including how to support their work and right to remain in Britain).

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