Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Curious Case of Grayling And The Vanishing Undies

Chris Grayling's prison reforms have resulted in an embarrassingly intimate restriction imposed upon female inmates.

Chris Grayling with Knickers

On 1st November 2012, when his IEP regulations took effect, the previously unrestricted amount of undergarments allowed to women prisoners was reduced to the same amount as male prisoners.

On the Spurgeon's web page for HMP YOI Holloway "Giving money and property to prisoners at HMP and YOI Holloway", it says: "You can give a prisoner unlimited supplies of underwear, including knickers, bras, socks, boxers and all-in-ones."

But on page 51 of Grayling's National Offender Management Services: Incentives and Earned Privileges (PSI 30/2013), it says:

Max 10 pairs. Plain – no offensive slogans
Max 14 items plus 7 bras. Plain – no offensive slogans.

This raises three questions:

1.  Are all male prisoners also allowed to have 7 bras?

2.  What is Chris Grayling going to do with all the confiscated panties, all-in-ones, bras, socks, tights and other intimate apparel being taken away from the women and girls under his care?

3.  How embarrassing would it be for the Coalition Government if the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice was mistaken for a "knicker thief"?