Thursday, 13 November 2014


Thank you for your recent newsletter (issue 30).
Reading about the Justice Select Committee Inquiry sounds really promising and I cannot thank you all enough for your support.
You may be aware that my first appeal with the single judge was refused but thankfully my QC Max Hill and Jnr Barrister put forward my second appeal in February even though that legal aid could have been refused, which it was!  Due to the first judge.
I am writing to you to update you all that I have a date for my appeal against conviction which has been listed before the full court on WEDNESDAY 19TH November 2014 at 10.30am in Court Room 9.
I am not required to attend which is fine by me due to my anxiety and the decline in my mental and physical health since being in custody.
However I was wondering if one of your campaigners could attend on my behalf just so I can get an independent view by someone else on how it went. 
I really hope that I win this appeal along with other people who have been wrongfully convicted. But the thing is if I don’t win this what will I do?  The only strong support I have outside is my Nan and I don’t want her to end up burying me as I can’t stay here much longer and I will feel like there is no way out to be there for my Nan with people such as friends and relatives passing away and I know she isn’t coping. 
I will be so very grateful if someone could be there on this date and if someone can write to me with their honest view or opinion. And if I do win this appeal I would owe you my life and time for you when I am free as I could not of done it without you as if it wasn’t for you at JENGbA then I wouldn’t have gained the knowledge and understanding about this law.
So thank you so much
Yours thankfully
Emma Hall A3134CP –AS
HMP Holloway