Monday, 16 May 2016

JOINT ENTERPRISE: Prime Minister, please let my daddy come home

On 18th February 2016 the Supreme Court judges handed down a judgment which decided that the law on joint enterprise had taken a wrong turn.

‘The courts made a mistake. The Supreme Court took a brave step in some way by putting it right, the judges expressed that Parliament must finish the job. Until they do, tonight and every night there will be men, women and children crying themselves to sleep either because they want to go home to their families or because they want someone they desperately love to come home to them.’

On Monday 16th May 2016 the grassroots campaign group JENGbA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association) will hand deliver a letter to David Cameron – accompanied by messages from children whose parents and siblings are in prison – calling on his government to act immediately.

In their letter to the Prime Minister, JENGbA states ‘JENGbA families do not want to fight for 27 years as did the Hillsborough families, those little boys and girls whose letters you are about to read don’t want to be adults still fighting for their loved ones because the Government ignored their pain and the right to freedom for those serving life for a crime they did not commit.’

JENGbA is calling on ministers to ‘devise a legal framework to enable a blanket annulment of all the joint enterprise convictions gained in the full knowledge that the person convicted was not actually guilty of the index offence and one that would ensure no individuals would have to fight their cases separately, as well as establishing the compensation fund’.

“Daddy’s house makes me sad, I don’t like it” Tillie, aged 5


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