Tuesday, 27 September 2016

JENGbA Call For Help - Edward Conteh

JENGbA have had a call from Edward Conteh who is currently being held at a deportation Centre Brook House Gatwick.  He has been given a ticket to Brussels for a flight leaving 6th October.  He has no family or contacts in Brussels and as far as he knows he is not being given accomodation. 

Edward is a particularly vulnerable young man who was 200 yards away with Joe Appiah running away from boys attacking them when an incident resulting in a fatality on the other side of the park.  Edward's deportation hearings were a disgrace - JENGbA campaigners attended many - he was low risk until a new Probation officer he never met decided he was high risk based on 'intel' that he had NO evidence of.   JENGbA found him a deportation lawyer and she is working with a criminal lawyer pro bono to try to stop his deportation.  

But this is where the JENGbA campaigners need to take a stand - can everyone write to the Home Office James Brokenshire MP james.brokenshire.mp@parliament.uk and demand that Edward is allowed a chance to appeal his conviction for a crime he did not commit.  

Also send Edward cards of support so the detention centre know we are on to them.  

Edward Conteh 
Brookhouse Detention Centre
Perimeter Rd S,
London Gatwick Airport,
Gatwick RH6 0PQ

If anyone has any contacts with deportation/immigration campaigns please let us know - we might need to go and do a protest also - perhaps this Friday.

Compaign Co-ordinator